Monday, April 23, 2012

How To Make A Tunnel/Sleeping Bag For Guinea Pigs

Let me introduce you to my favorite chill place,  it's a mix breed of a tunnel and a sleeping bag. I used to sleep here where it's airy and peaceful. My two other herd mates recently ruined my fun when they discovered my secret, now we've been fighting over our favorite nap place. We decided to bring back the peace by ganging up on Rainbow. We ordered her to make a new one of these things. We love these things so we wanted to share the joy to other piggies. It's cheap and easy!

First you'll need a clean rag, when buying new rags to turn into piggy toys, it's best to wash them thoroughly for hygienic reasons. There are different textures of rags; some are soft , while others (like the one in our picture above), are rough and hard. The best kind would be something thick, not too soft not too hard, kind of like what I (Panda) am sleeping in. Then you'll need a needle and thread.

Take both short sides, overlap them a little and sew them together.  You could clip the ends to make it easier.
When you're done you'll end up with a tube like this.
Roll up the ends so we can easily go in it even when it's flat.

and tadaah!

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